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Outdoor Event Cooling Mist Fans For Hire

Mist Fans for Event Cooling: 
The first CanCool units rolled out of production almost 2 decades ago, and have been appearing at public events of all sizes ever since. (Fast forward we had over 56 of them at the Aus Open tennis precinct this January 2023!)

Regardless if you’re organising a major outdoor summer festival or sporting event, or a small indoor show or concert, one thing for sure is the mercury rises when a crowd comes together in one space!!

The Cool Stuff… We’ve manufactured our CanCools specifically as an onsite cooling solution. They are an economical, robust, self contained water reservoir + high pressure pump + outdoor rated mist fan that will throw a cool mist approx 9m, and the flash mist cools temps by approx 10°C immediately & does not condensate or create wet areas.

The Wow Stuff… CanCools can be vinyl wrapped, so as a promotional drawcard are an event organiser and marketers dream! Having patrons interactively engaging with your brand is the #coolest_thing_ever
#easy_engagements #photo_opportunity

The Important & Serious Stuff…

It’s not only members of the public, patrons, sports teams and staff that are effected by excess heat… and therefore our CanCools (and other mist cooling solutions) appear in zoo’s, stables, agricultural shows, stock & sales yards etc to cool or maintain wellbeing of livestock and pets.
Certain events wont run if over a certain temperature. Misting Systems are used backstage in show jumping in the summer Olympic Games for instance as cooling heat stress post event is paramount for safety and recovery.

Be Safe, Be Cool, Be Smart…

At a minimum, poor heat management will effect comfort, public experience and attendance. At worst, excessive temps lead to heat stroke and medical situations for people of all ages, animals etc and that falls under event health and safety.

CanCools & Custom Event Installations…  We’re pretty familiar with installations for major sporting events and music festivals these days, as well as helping racing carnivals, club meets, turf clubs, car shows, & one off events to cool people and animals of all shapes and sizes.

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