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Dust Suppression is now a ‘Must Have’ on Australian Construction Sites


It’s no secret having dust suppression protocols are vitally important for worksites, in fact, they are becoming an essential part of projects today.

Up until now, construction sites have been given little option but to use hoses to best contain airborne dust. Now with advancements in dust suppression technology, worksites are adopting much more effective & efficient ways to manage conditions.

The latest technology helps to protect workers from the harmful effects of airborne particles. On May 1st 2023, Queensland officially launches the Worksafe silica dust code of practice, to help ensure worksites are safer due to the recent rise in silicosis / silica dust exposure. Now in 2023, without a visible and pro active dust suppression plan, worksites are at much greater risk of being shut down.

Here are OZmist’s ‘must have’ reasons for having dust suppression / fog cannons on a worksite…

1. Avoid fines from the EPA
State regulators, aka your local Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been cracking down on worksites due to excessive dust, and anyone found in violation of EPA regulations, could be facing hefty fines, or even site closure. If this happens, entire projects face risk of being delayed or shut down. Dust suppression via high pressure misting cannons, contains and minimises airborne dust on worksites. Companies are required to comply with EPA regulations, and provide a safer environment for all employees.

2. Reduces dust exposure & health risks
Short term and long term exposure to airborne dust can lead to a number of serious health problems for construction industry workers, including respiratory illnesses, lung cancer, and silicosis. Previously, dust suppression was often negligently overlooked or taken seriously as a safety measure on worksites. Awareness is now much greater and health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Workers are also making sure companies are acting in their best interests.

3. Keeps equipment in good condition, prevents premature wear and tear
Airborne dust coating machinery and equipment can wreak havoc on worksite equipment, causing increased wear and tear and operational downtime. Fog cannon water mist delivery, enhances the productivity of machinery by keeping the site cleaner and working environment (and workers) cool.

4. Prevents accidents and injuries
Airborne dust drastically decreases visibility levels and contributes to the risk of incidents, accidents and injuries. Dust build up on uneven surfaces or equipment such as scaffolds, ladders, walkways etc can also increase the risk of slip and fall hazards. Prevention is better than cure, always!

5. Reduces fire risk
Dust is highly combustible, and when left to build up can create a serious fire hazard. Dust suppression technology helps prevents the build-up of combustible materials, supporting a safety first & zero incident worksite.

6. Improves productivity & reduces downtime
Industry relies on the best equipment, team and labour force to keep the project on track and the client happy. Mechanical breakdowns, sickness, absenteeism all have a negative impact on the project, budget and productivity.

Australian construction sites which operate fog cannons / dust suppression systems find operations are running more smoothly & optimally, due to having dust suppression technology officially across the worksite.

Oz Mist has been at the forefront of misting technology, and is continuing to pioneer specialised systems for heavy industry, including construction, mining, tunnelling, waste management, recycling etc etc.
If you have any questions about dust suppression & construction site technology, please contact our team. Alternatively, view our range of dust canons & worksite solutions
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