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Alfresco cooling and misting systems are essential for any outdoor venue, beer garden, restaurant or commercial space wanting to keep customers & employees comfortable throughout the year. Durable, quiet and weatherproof.

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Creating the Coolest Venue in Town!

Alfresco dining goes hand in hand with our Australian lifestyle, but intense summer temperatures makes being outdoors too risky, too hard or simply way too hot for comfort.

OZmist’s range of alfresco cooling solutions for businesses & hospitality venues includes our (outdoor rated) KTW mist fans & stainless static lines. Combined with our high pressure pumps and super fine nozzles, they deliver an ultra-fine mist that “flash evaporates”, instantly lowering surrounding temperature by up to 8 degrees.

Installing OZmist alfresco misting systems allows businesses Australia-wide to perform at capacity, year round! It also creates a stunning visual effect that can attract more patrons to your venue. 

5 Biggest Problems Outdoor Dining Venues Face

Keep Your Customers Cool & Your Business Hot With Our Alfresco Cooling Solutions!

Discover the many benefits your dining venue will experience by installing an OZmist alfresco misting system!

Cool Your Venue With OZmist's Leading Alfresco Misting Systems

Misting Lines

The most popular choice to cool your Alfresco area during the summer months. Learn More

outdoor misting fan mounted

Misting Fans

Ideal for cooling large open spaces. Can throw refreshing mist up to 10m. Learn More

How To Choose Between Mist Lines Or Mist Fans?

Misting lines are great if you’re wanting to cool your entire alfresco dining area, where lengths of stainless steel tube are run either under-covered areas or around the perimeter of the building to create a curtain mist. However, if you’re wanting to cool a smaller area or one particular section of your venue, mist fans are the preferred choice.

Enhance The Comfort Of Your Venue With A Powerful High Pressure System

How It Works?

Both OZmist’s fan and static systems use a high-pressure pump module to pressurise mains tap water to 1000 psi or 70 bar. The high pressure water is forced through the ultra-fine nozzles to create millions of tiny droplets which “flash evaporate” the heat. 

Ozmist high pressure pump

Our Alfresco Misting Systems In Action

OZmist are the experts in outdoor misting and alfresco cooling solutions. Over the past 20 years, we have provided systems to some of Australia’s most prestigious venues. Check out some of our misting systems in action!

The Doonan Noosa

Sydney Opera House

Strato Bar Melbourne

Misting System Installed in Brunswick Mess Hall

Brunswick Mess Hall

OZmist Misting Systems in Plus 5 Bar

Plus 5 Bar

Misting System Installed in Naked For Satan

Naked For Satan

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Why Choose an OZmist Alfresco Cooling Solution?

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Unrivalled Range

OZmist locally manufactures a comprehensive selection of fans, mist lines, bespoke installations, fog cannons & alfresco cooling systems. We're dedicated to delivering the best solutions for any location, project & budget!

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For All The Senses

Our commercial misting lines and fans deliver a positive experience for patrons and staff,. They also look cool, create a value proposition that's experiential, smart and safe & help turn a desert into an oasis!

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Long Run Time

'High pressure, low volume' misting solutions are designed to run efficiently without chewing up your electricity bill or water consumption. In fact, savings, profit and productivity are results of misting!

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No Wet Floors

Our alfresco misting solutions are pressurised to 1000psi, propelling the finest mist particles (approx 10 micron), evaporating soon after leaving the nozzle. So no risk of wetting floors or damaging equipment!

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100% Australian Owned

We provide our customers with the best technology & solutions, be it drawing upon local fabricators & suppliers, the best hardware and components sourced globally or OZmist's inhouse design, build team and direct support, always.

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Built To Last

Our alfresco misting systems and cooling solutions are built to survive in the harshest of operating environments and climates too. Engineered from the most durable materials, and backed by a team that knows them inside out!

A Team That Goes Above & Beyond!

With a small, yet dedicated team, OZmist thrives to offer the best performance & support available to each and every one of their clients. Combined, our team has over 20 years of experience in providing misting & cooling solutions for industrial, commercial, and domestic applications around Australia.

M45AU Mist Cannons

Our Process

We work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of the physical size, location and functionality of your work site. We then tailor a dust suppression solution to help you solve your dust control issues.

Our dust suppression solutions are simple to setup, which allows us to offer installation support either in person or over the phone. We all also recommend best setup practices to help you maximise the performance of your solution.

We don’t forget about you once you’ve purchased an Oz Mist solution. Rather, you now become a priority customer who we support throughout the entire ownership of your machine. Whether you need a simple question answered or require maintenance, you can contact us at any time.

Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

No, if you have purchased one of our OZmist High-Pressure Mist Systems and follow the installation manual there will be no wetting of any surfaces. We recommend that all mist lines be installed at least 2.7m above ground level. To learn more about our alfresco cooling solutions or commercial misting systems, get in touch with us today!

This completely depends on the number of Misting Nozzles that you wish to run in your system. Our 10-Meter (13 Nozzle) Misting Kit will use 0.72L/pm.
Our CPM Pumps need to be located under cover in a cool and dry space, the pumps are in a powder coated enclosure that is NOT waterproof. Your Pump can be stored up to 15 – 20 Meters away from the beginning of the Mist Line, this will also reduce the noise of the pump in your space.

All of our OZmist Systems, whether it is a 10 Meter Residential System or a 300 Meter Industrial System are all installed in the same manner. Each and every system that leaves OZmist is packed with our thorough installation guide. If you get stuck you can contact OZmist and one of our friendly staff will work with you to make sure your system is installed correctly.

If you are not confident with installing your OZmist System yourself we would recommend contacting your preferred Plumber to complete the installation for you.

Speak To An Expert

Get into contact with one of our misting specialists, who will happy respond to any queries you have about cooling, misting or humidification! We aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

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