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January 2024 saw OZmist’s CanCool event fans go out to Tamworth Country Music Festival. A fortnight after that event is a big livestock event and sale hosted at Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC) and they needed our event fans onsite for that week also. Relief from the heat is the same whether cooling people, or cattle.  Nice to get the organisers feedback below.


Hi David,

I thought I would share these photos with you, something a little different than normal for your fans!!

We have experienced heatwave conditions for the first few days of our event, temperatures have been in the low 40’s during the day with overnight lows of only 30’s. During extreme heat events, the welfare of our cattle is paramount and this year we were lucky enough to have your fans onsite!

You can see by the photos below, they have helped keep our cattle cool during the heat of the day, something I’m guessing you have never seen your fans used for before!!

It got installed last Thursday, the engineers were skeptical and I’ve been fighting them the whole way to get this CAPEX approved, but 1 week in now and everyone loves it. It’s made a huge difference to our large outdoor dining area that seats 120 people, just sensational”

Dan Johnstone, Catering Manager, JBS Foods



“We really loved the misting, it looked and worked so well. Attached are some photo’s.
See you next year!

Emma G

Associate Producer, Yakusan.


  • Do customers or staff ever comment on the misting?

Customers do provide positive feedback about the misters regularly, especially on hot days. Employees also benefit from the improved working conditions.

  • Has cooling the area with mist, benefited your business over summer?

Having the system has given us a point of difference in comparison with our competitors and there has been a noticeable improvement in the environment around the venue. We’re also not as concerned when hotter days are forecasted knowing that we have a solution in place.  

  • What have been the main benefits of the OZmist mist system?

A cooling effect and cool air curtain surrounds the venues on hotter days. It becomes a talking point amongst customers and encourages repeat visits knowing that there are cooler conditions on offer. It’s also simple to use with just a flick of a switch to turn on and off.

  • Any other comments about your experience with OZmist?

Dave worked extremely hard in getting this system off the ground for us across multiple sites. He recommended an install team that were affordable, efficient and responsive to our deadlines. I would recommend OZmist to anyone who is looking for misting solutions for their business.


General Manager Alemre Hospitality Group

Brisbane QLD.

Albury Galvanizing works with moulten metal and operating temperatures of 450 degrees.

Ben shared some data, pics and feedback with Dean via a survey. 

  1. Do customers or staff ever comment on the misting? Yes, they have noticed a significant reduction in the temperature around the Zinc Kettle.
  2. Has cooling the area with mist, benefited your business over summer? Yes, with our production staff working in an area that has a moulten zinc kettle running at 450deg 24/7. I conducted some testing over several days. With an outside ambient temperature on one day of testing sitting at 37deg and the kettle area without misting fans on was 49deg. With the misting system on the temperature was reduced to 27deg 2mtrs from the misting fan at the zinc kettle.
  3. What have been the main benefits of the OZmist mist system? Production staff not fatiguing and a reduction in heat related stress working in this area.
  4. Any other comments about your experience with OZmist? The sales, service and, backup support has been excellent. We will look at further expanding our system in the future.


James completed the OZmist survey >>

  1. Do customers or staff ever comment on the misting? Yes, despatch and production guys are very happy with the reduced temperature during hot days.
  2. Has cooling the area with mist, benefited your business over summer? Yes the guys are happier working in the area, we suspect an increase to throughput.
  3. What have been the main benefits of the OZmist mist system? Simple for the guys to turn on and off, it has a good throw of cool air over a large area.
  4. Any other comments about your experience with OZmist? Service and tech support is good.

James Ross, AirStep Flooring

We are very happy with our Misting System from OZmist. Great and friendly team that were able to answer and address all our concerns around logistics and able to work with us to come up with a best solution for our unique space. They had a fast turnaround for organising installation and we finished up with a neat and good-looking installation that works with our area. It is simple to operate and keeps a barrier between outdoor and indoor areas and regulating temperatures.

William Kay

We have now installed a couple of OZmist systems in our pubs, They work great for the customers and even help with the flys. If you would like to see them in action go to The Doonan, We use them everyday. They are very easy to install and maintain.


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