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Misting systems work by feeding mains water into a high-pressure pump module, this expells high-pressure water through specially designed tubing, the highly pressurized water is then forced through a Mist Nozzle made of brass or stainless-steel with an orifice size of .02mm ensures that creates the finest Mist imaginable. With the production of Ultrafine Mist, you will feel the temperature in the vicinity drop immediately.

The millions of water droplets created are so small that they instantly flash evaporate and absorb the heat in the air. Flash evaporation can reduce the surrounding air temperature by as much as 14 C° in just seconds. Ozmist pump modules pressurize water to 1,000PSI. or 70 BAR.

And remember, the higher the ambient air temperature the better the Misting System works!

OZmist shows that Mist is a very versatile compound that can be used in a great variety of applications including:

– Cooling Solutions, dropping temperatures by up to 8 – 14° C around environments such as Residential, Business’s, Worksites and Events.

– Pre-Cooling for Chillers and Condensers that rely on air cooling with increases in efficiency of up to 30%.

– Dust Suppression for even the most Fugitive Dust found in a number of Industrial Industries such as Quarries, Transfer Stations, Mining Operations and Demolition.

– Humidification Systems for Cellars & Wine Barrel Storage, keeping the Humidity up will greatly reduce the amount of Wine lost through evaporation.

Static Misting Systems

Consist of either high-pressure nylon or stainless steel tube with a series of nozzles inserted in a line, that are fed high-pressure water from our Mist Specific Pump Module. As with our other systems, Static Misting use the process of evaporative cooling, otherwise known as Thermal Dynamics. The hotter it is, the quicker evaporation will occur. Static systems are commonly used to cool outdoor and indoor areas, provide constant humidification in greenhouses or dust suppression.

To see the Installation process of our Static Components click here.

Misting Fan Systems

Stainless steel misting rings are commonly fitted to the face of high-velocity fans for a greater cooling effect. As with our other systems, misting fans use the process of evaporative cooling, otherwise known as Thermal Dynamics. The hotter it is, the quicker evaporation will occur. The quicker the evaporation, the more heat is used in the energy exchange process and the better our misting fans will work. Fans are normally used inside buildings and spread around the area to be cooled. Fans are linked by a high-pressure nylon tube to the pump module. Multiple fans can be connected to one pump module.

To see the installation process of our Fan Components click here.

Mist Cannons Units

OZmist’s Australian Made Mist Cannons are one of a kind with nothing like it anywhere else in the world.
Our T45AU, M45AU & S45AU are designed to be used primarily for Dust Suppression in harsh and rough environments, these Cannons are built to be 100% Self Sufficient with Water Storage and a Generator built into the Unit (with the exception of the S45AU). They have a Mist throw of up to 50 – meters and can be operated via a remote control up to a distance of 100 – meters.
There are 3 Models of Cannon that OZmist offer:

T45AU Dual Axle Trailer, 2000 Litres Water Storage, Heavy Duty Offroad tyres with spare, Makinex Honda 16kVA Petrol Generator.
M45AU Forklift Tine Interface on 4-Sides, 1200 Litres Water Storage, Makinex Honda 16 kVA Petrol Generator.
S45AU Truck Mount Cannon, Forklift Tine Interface on 2-Sides, Designed to be installed on a Water Source or Water Truck, Makinex Honda 16kVA Generator.

To see our Mist Cannons in action click here.
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Low-Pressure Systems

OZmist carries a range of Low-Pressure Misting Components that are designed to work solely from Mains Water supply.
Because these systems run directly from Mains Water, we recommend that a maximum of 12 – 15 Nozzles be used. This will vary greatly depending on the pressure of water that you have available. Our Low-Pressure Systems can be a great way to experience Mist Cooling while keeping the cost down. Because these low-pressure systems run on mains water instead of our high-pressure pump this makes the Mist course and heavy, this means that it takes longer for the Mist to evaporate and can cause moisture buildup and wetting in certain environments.
OZmist has 3 Models of prebuilt Low-Pressure Misting available:

Low-Pressure Misting Ring 3 Misting Nozzles, Inline Filter, Quick-Fit Hose attachment.
Patiomist Portable Trolley Based Misting Fan, Integrated 70-Litre Water Tank, 3 Fan Speeds, Mist Flow Control, Fan Oscillation.
Patiomist Wall Mount Wall Mount Misting Fan, Integrated 26-Litre Water Tank, Easily attached to Mains Water with Float, 3 Fan Speeds, Fan Oscillation.

To learn more about our Low-Pressure Rings click here.
To learn more about our Patiomist range click here.

Ozmist misting systems are designed to be very simple and straight forward to install.
Installation of our Systems whether they be Static or Fan Based all come supplied with a new thorough Installation Manual that is filled with every piece of information needed to install your new Mist System.
On average the only Tooling and Consumables that are required for the installation of our systems are:

– Power Drill
– Shifter or Adjustable Wrench
– Nylon Tube Cutters
– 3mm Hex Key
– Tape Measure
– Marker
– Fasteners for anchoring tube with saddles

Depending on location installation can be undertaken by our experienced trade’s people otherwise it could be done by maintenance personal or locally sourced tradespeople.

As with any item of machinery, there are some important maintenance issues to consider. At the heart of any OZmist misting system is our high-pressure pump.

The pump will last for many years if it is cared for and regularly serviced, it is outlined in our Installation Manual that the Pump should be serviced initially after the first 50 hours and then periodically every 500 hours, if this cannot be achieved replacing the Oil at the beginning of every warm season is a must.

The primary maintenance for a misting system pump is to check the oil regularly and change it each year. Filter cartridges at the rear of the pump module should also be changed, again, normally at the start of the season. This will depend on the incoming water quality. The only other maintenance for a typical misting system is to periodically clean the nozzles and drain the system each winter to prevent freezing. With these simple steps, a quality misting system will last for many years.

There is no single answer for this question as the sizes of our OZmist systems can vary drastically.

As an example, our High-Pressure (1000psi or 70bar) OZmist 10-Meter Static Stainless Steel Misting System that uses 750mm Nozzle spacings with a total of 13 x 0.2mm Orifice Nozzles at approximately 0.056 L/PM per Nozzle will have a total water usage of 0.73 L/PM.

Once your OZmist Misting System has been used for the last time before moving into the colder months there are some steps that need to be taken to ensure that there are no complications from the Misting Lines freezing. To accomplish this the end of line Nozzle should be removed along with the Hose that connects to the High-Pressure Pump Module, this will drain all the water from the Mist Lines. Remembering to re-install the Nozzle and Hose to prevent any debris from entering the system. The Pump Module itself should have the Filter Housing removed and drained to empty any remaining water.

OZmist has changed the way that Dust Suppression is perceived in Australia with our large range of equipment and the introduction of our Australian Made Mist Cannon Series.

The Misting lines are suspended above the area on either tensioned stainless steel cable or fixed directly to the structure of the building. The Misting lines are spread evenly across the area to provide comprehensive coverage and suppress dust.
The droplet from our standard size 0.2mm misting nozzle averages just 10 microns or 1/10th the thickness of a human hair! As the tiny droplets fall from above they attach to the floating dust particles and weigh them down, bringing them to ground level.

How OzMist Misting systems Works

A misting system and a fog system are simply two different terms used to describe the same thing. Our systems operate at 1,000 PSI or 70 BAR so the mist is incredibly fine and often described as fog or mist like in appearance. Our Mist / Fog Systems cover everything from small domestic solutions for keeping you and your family cool during the warmer months, through to heavy industrial systems that utilize hundreds of Misting Nozzles that can span multiple lengths of the largest factories.


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