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OZmist’s Condenser, Air Conditioner Misting and Refrigeration Pre-Cooling

OZmist’s Condenser, Air Conditioner Misting and Refrigeration Pre-Cooling

OZmist’s Air Conditioner Condenser Pre Cooling

With extreme weather forecasts across Australia, and energy costs skyrocketing, there is a way to make significant savings back on energy costs for air conditioning & condenser cooling. 

We do this by pre-cooling air before it passes through the coils, drawing cooler in reduces the compressor head pressure, allowing the system to operate more efficiently. 

OZmist’s high-pressure mist delivery primarily is about savings & reduction. Ie saving big dollars in electricity charges, reducing system run times, extending lifespan etc etc.  

Reverse Inflation, Reduce Energy Usage & Save!

Any change (reduction or increase) of operating costs multiplied over weeks, months & seasons adds up significantly, which is how we’ve been able to help clients save over 30% simply by installing one of our pre-cooling systems or kits. Case study here >> (https://www.ozmist.com.au/osaka-japan-report-pre-cooling-air-conditioners-provides-36-energy-reduction/

In fact, OZmist has provided air conditioner mist pre-cooling, condenser and refrigeration solutions across Australia. Clients include data centres, supermarkets & shopping complexes, cold storage and warehouses, offices, hotels and hospitality venues, etc etc, all with excellent results. 

How Do OZmist’s Systems Pre-Cool Condensers?

The secret to the OZmist Pre-Cooling System is the extremely fine mist that ‘flash evaporates’ and cools the air surrounding the coil. Cooling the air before it passes through the coil allows for the rejection of more heat, resulting in substantially lower head pressures and compression ratios.

Lower Head Pressure equals lower running costs, improved performance and less downtime during extreme heat events.

Each coil has its own custom-designed mist line system fabricated from 304g stainless steel tubes which are pre-cut and machined by OZmist. The lengths of the tubes are joined with Nozzle Unions from the Quick Fit tube range and then attached to the coil frames on stand-off brackets. 

An integral part of the OZmist system is the high-pressure pump module that pressurises water to 1,000PSI. The high-pressure water is forced through a supply line which connects to the required nozzles to create the ultra fine mist.

The design of the mist lines changes depending on the coil type but in all cases, the mist is sprayed parallel with the face of the coil to give a comprehensive coverage and avoid wet spots. Evaporation takes place before the mist settles, eliminating damage to the fins which can be caused by excessive and corrosive water.

We can automate further, by integrating an OZmist Ambient Thermostat or connection to the building’s management system. These options will set the start parameters and the system will run automatically and only when required. 

Water usage is a fraction of that of other systems commonly used, reducing damage to coils and roof sheets, and saving money on water charges. 

Installation is a quick and simple process and does not require a shutdown. 

Note: All systems are manufactured here in Australia by OZmist, with full backing and support.

Key Features

Mist Throw
Mist Throw
3 Meters in Still Weather
Static, Installed as a permanent fixture
Compatible with any of our High-Pressure Pump Modules
Water tank
Fed From a High-Pressure Pump Module
Mounting Unit
Designed to be anchored to surfaces with our Nylon Coated Tube Saddles, can also be fixed to Catenary Wire

Supplied ready-to-install

OZmist pre-cooling systems for air conditioners are supplied ready to install with all the necessary components and detailed installation instructions. 

Contact us for more information or a free quote

Installation is also a quick and simple process. For quoting purposes, contact the Design Team at OZmist via email with more information and we’ll design a system and supply it in kit form.

1. Over 20 Years of Experience 

OZmist is an Australian-owned and operated company specialising in the manufacture and supply of high-pressure misting systems. Formed in August 2000, OZmist pioneered the introduction of mist cooling systems into the Australian marketplace, servicing all verticals.

2. Custom Solutions

Being an Australian manufacturer, OZmist can design, manufacture and supply custom solutions to suit all condenser and HVAC units. Our team work with you to maximise benefits and ensure you get exactly what you need at a realistic price.

3. Proven Technology

OZmist has provided pre-cooling solutions across Australia for Data Centres, Distribution Centres, Supermarkets and shopping Complexes, Cold Storage and Warehouses, Hotels and Hospitality venues, all with excellent results.

4. Dedicated Local Team 

OZmist has a dedicated and experienced team able to respond to inquiries in the shortest amount of time. Our team includes customer service, design solutions, after-sales technical support as well as workshop, technical and spare parts.

5. Support, every step of the way. 

We provide full support to help design the right system through to installation guides or tech support to walk you, or your team through the entire process. 

The OZmist Pre-Cooling System is a mist-cooling technology designed to pre-cool the air before it passes through the coils of an air conditioner, helping reduce energy consumption and save on electricity costs.

Cooling the air prior to its entry through the coil allows more heat rejection, resulting in decreased head pressures and compression ratios.

Pre-cooling air before it passes through the coils reduces the compressor head pressure, which translates to significant savings in electricity charges, increased system capacity, and reduced downtime during daily, seasonal or extreme heat events.

Yes, by pre-cooling the air before it passes through the coils of your air conditioner, the system reduces the compressor head pressure. This reduction in head pressure translates to:

  • Lower running costs: The air conditioner compressor doesn’t have to work as hard, which reduces electricity consumption. As mentioned in the website description, the OZmist system can result in “saving big dollars in electricity charges.”
  • Improved performance: The capacity of the air conditioner system is increased because it can reject more heat due to the cooler incoming air. This means it can cool a space more efficiently, leading to potentially shorter run times and further energy savings.

Less downtime during extreme heat events: By enhancing the performance of your air conditioner during very hot days, the system is less likely to experience periods where it can’t keep up with the cooling demand. This means it won’t be continuously running, trying to achieve a set temperature, thus conserving energy.

Yes, just check the official studies and papers that have been carried out on this, with 36% savings making mist the most effective method with the greatest results >> https://www.ozmist.com.au/osaka-japan-report-pre-cooling-air-conditioners-provides-36-energy-reduction/

No, the mist is designed to evaporate before settling, preventing any potential damage to the fins from excessive or corrosive water.

The system can be controlled using an OZmist Ambient Thermostat module or by connecting it to a building’s BMS system. Users can set the starting parameters, and the system will run automatically as needed.

Installation is straightforward and doesn’t require a shutdown. OZmist pre-cooling systems come ready to install with all necessary components and detailed installation instructions.

The water usage of the OZmist system is minimal compared to other commonly used systems, reducing the potential for damage to coils, and roof sheets, and also saving on water bills.

The systems are manufactured in Australia by OZmist.

As the systems are locally manufactured in Australia, lead times are usually just a few days.

Yes, OZmist has a dedicated and experienced, local team that offers after-sales install & technical support, ongoing customer service, as well as all maintenance, spares & servicing of these systems.

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Why OZmist?

Our dedicated team thrives on delivering the best outcome to every customer. OZmist are leaders in misting applications having provided solutions throughout industrial, commercial, events, and hospitality venues around Australia and abroad for over 20 years!

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