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Osaka Japan Report, Pre Cooling Air Conditioners Provides 36% Energy Reduction!

air conditioner pre-cooling misting

This study was undertaken in Japan in the early 2000’s over a 2 month period in summer. Results of this paper show that ‘pre-cooling’ outdoor air conditioner intakes with mist, (droplet size identical to an OZmist static lines), provided a 36% reduction in energy consumption!!
A 5 storey building with 20 apartments was selected and various mist cooling techniques applied.

Variation with time of the electricity consumption reduction for cooling
*A bit like how a turbo charger works on a car, but (instead of pressurised air) the intake is being fed cooler air and the system is much happier for it!

“Spraying to the outdoor unit of room air conditioner” was spraying water droplets in the air inlet of an outdoor unit, thereby lowering the temperature of supply air and heat exchange fins and thus improving air-conditioning efficiency..

“Figure 8 shows the effect on reduction of electricity consumption for air-cooling. The average reduction in energy consumption during the test period was 36%”

That's a significant drop down in Kilowatts for an air conditioner to cool the same area, less $'s spent on energy bills, extends the life of the unit as it's not working so hard or for as long, & means a smaller unit would deliver the same results for the space!!
“We confirmed that misting technologies had the effect of reducing surface temperature, air-conditioning usage time, improving air-conditioning efficiency and reducing the cooling energy consumption through the verification tests. And also, through the numerical simulations, we confirmed that the introduction of misting technologies had the effect of saving energy consumption for cooling by over 80%. As for an urban heat flux, numerical simulations also confirmed the effect of reducing by over 60%”
Study Title "Effect of the Evaporative Cooling Techniques by Spraying Mist Water on Reducing Urban Heat Flux and Saving Energy in Apartment House." By Daisuke Narumi*, Kentaro Shigematsu and Yoshiyuki Shimoda, Osaka University Suita City, Osaka Pref., Japan

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