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What are Dust Suppression Systems & Where Are They Used?

What is a Dust Suppression System?

A dust suppression system is a technology used to control the spread of dust particles in various environments, such as construction sites, waste and recycling plants, quarries, manufacturing and industrial facilities. The primary goal of these systems is to reduce or eliminate the amount of airborne dust, which can have significant environmental, health, and safety impacts.

Systems work by applying techniques to either prevent dust from becoming airborne or to capture it once it is. The methods can vary widely, depending on the specific requirements of the site and the nature of the dust being controlled.

Types of Dust Suppression Systems and How They Work

A wide variety of dust suppression systems are available and the choice of which system depends on various factors like the size of the area you need to cover, the type of dust you need to suppress, environmental considerations, and operational needs. 

Properly implemented dust suppression systems can significantly improve air quality, protect worker health, and ensure compliance with stricter environmental regulations.

Sprinklers, Water Trucks, Spray Bars 

Sprinklers and dousing are traditional methods that soak the ground or product in an attempt to contain dust fallout. Commonly seen on construction, excavation & demolition sites, as well as raw or organic material handling. The drawbacks here are water consumption, labour or method of delivery, the toll on the equipment & machinery, wetting the product, and also once the product is broken, such as in demolition or aggregate in crushing and screening, the fugitive dust still becomes airborne. 

Physical Barriers and Coverings

Physical covers are occasionally used for dust suppression systems (usually for smaller areas). Some examples of these include the use of barriers, tarps, or other containment methods to physically block dust fallout from spreading into the open or to neighbouring areas where it will create issues.

Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration systems are another type of dust suppression system commonly used in industrial applications, especially in enclosed spaces, to remove dust from the air. They can range from simple filters to more complex industrial air purifiers and scrubbers.

Fog Cannons or Mist Cannons

These systems project water mist into the air to capture and bring down dust particles. They are particularly effective over larger areas and can be mobile for easy relocation. The dangers of working and breathing airborne dust particles can lead to respiratory diseases such as silicosis. A super-fine water droplet is needed to encapsulate these tiny particles from the air, dropping them to the ground. A high-pressure pump is required to create the right size droplet for this to be effective.

Mist Lines

OZmist’s Mist lines are versatile dust suppression solutions designed for targeted applications. 

Mist nozzles & lines can be designed and built to suit specific machinery or equipment, facility or work area etc, to provide just the right amount of mist to delivery for dust suppression to suit many industrial and commercial environments. 

They are highly effective for containment in both indoor and outdoor settings, where dust control is required. 

Choosing Dust Suppression Systems

Dust suppression systems are vital and becoming increasingly popular in many industries for environmental, health, and safety reasons. In sectors like mining, construction, and agriculture, controlling dust is essential to mitigate its harmful effects on air quality, soil, water, and overall ecological balance. These systems also play a crucial role in safeguarding worker health by reducing respiratory risks, project compliance and other areas associated with dust fallout and exposure, such as silicosisSelecting an experienced partner to address dust control is critical to keep projects on track and budget. 

Proudly Australian, OZmist designs, develops and builds our mist cannons right here in Victoria and has the team, experience and capacity to support and service our clients’ ongoing needs and demands, without the stress and barriers that occur with resellers or overseas manufacturers. At OZmist, we offer a variety of dust suppression solutions to suit different needs and can provide systems that provide end-to-end, reliable misting solutions for dust control.

The benefits of using such advanced systems include improved worksite productivity, lower operational costs, enhanced environmental sustainability, and improved health and safety conditions.

Fog Cannons

Our range of industrial fog cannons has been designed to suit all types of projects, sites and applications. Built here in Australia by OZmist, our range of models include our M20AU, M45AU, T45AU, S45AU, and M80AU, each designed to benefit in a range of environments for effective dust control. 

  • The T45AU Mist Cannon is notable for its 2,000-litre water tank and ability to throw mist over 45 meters. Dual axle trailer and all-in-one solution. Ideal for construction, demolition, and project work.
  • The M45AU Mist Cannon is our most popular model, fully self-contained and portable with a 1,200-litre water tank, and skid base with access from 4 sides. Available with or without a generator. It’s designed for ease of transport and versatility. The S45AU Mist Cannon, the same 45AU cannon with 18ltr / minute delivery of ultra-fine mist. Requires direct water supply. 
  • The M20AU Mist Cannon is effective for targeted dust control in smaller or confined spaces, offering a balance between power and size. Its design caters to environments where a compact and efficient dust suppression solution is required.
  • The M80AU Mist Cannon is suitable for larger sites, providing extensive coverage and higher capacity for dust suppression. It is ideal for environments where extensive dust control is necessary over larger areas.

Help Choosing a Dust Suppression System

Not sure where to start or which dust suppression system would be most beneficial for your space? 

We encourage you to contact OZmist for comprehensive product information, support, and tailored solutions. Remember, effective dust suppression is part of compliance, duty of care workplace safety, and environmental management, with OZmist proudly supporting customers with innovative solutions for over 20 years.

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