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Mist Lines

Fix OZmist’s nozzles and lines onto any Building, Venue, Structure or Equipment. Creating a tailor made misting solution!

Mist Lines

Mist Lines

Referred to as either Mist Lines, Fixed System or Static Misting System, the same approach is used whether for cooling or industrial applications.

Mist Lines consist of having individual Misting Nozzles fitted at required intervals along rigid or semi-flexible tubing.

Fixed or static lines can have junctions, tee’s, branches or any design to follow building layout that’s required, for instance around a beer garden space, shopping centre outdoor precinct, along eaves, roof trusses of a factory or warehouse, or to machinery etc etc. A tailor made approach, this provides the delivery for the ultra fine water droplet and solution that’s required.

For alfresco cooling jobs such as Strato Bar in Melbourne, Sunsets Rooftop in Brisbane, or Park Lane in Everton Plaza Queensland, we used our stainless tubing for it’s easy installation, neatness, longevity and stylish appearance.

Industrial applications for mist is more for worksite dust suppression and odour suppression and EPA and government worksite regulations. We steer towards our semi rigid nylon line, factoring in the scale of the site, amount of mist coverage and outcome required to support operations etc.

As with all our high pressure systems, water supply is via one of our High-Pressure Pump Modules that gives that 1000psi pressure required for the mist droplet to be ultra fine. Then depending on the situation, fixed lines can be used exclusively or in conjunction with fans connected to the same pump.

Key Features

Mist Throw
Mist Throw
3 Meters in Still Weather
Static, Installed as a permanent fixture
Compatible with any of our High-Pressure Pump Modules
Water tank
Fed From a High-Pressure Pump Module
Mounting Unit
Designed to be anchored to surfaces with our Nylon Coated Tube Saddles, can also be fixed to Catenary Wire

Mist Lines

Static Systems can be used in virtually any environment to provide a controlled mist delivery, for cooling purposes or using mist for odour suppression, dust suppression, humidification or air conditioner condenser cooling.  
When addressing a job, we look at the best material to give the outcome required, mist delivery, space and impact, ease of use, operational benefits such as integrations with cycle timers, thermostats and humidistats etc.

Our Static Systems are broken up into two material groups that determine the range of componentry used.

Ofcourse we have a full range of fittings & hardware to work for each without limitation. Our experienced technicians work out exactly what’s parts are required. The OZmist formula is getting all the hardware, lengths of stainless tubing or semi rigid nylon tubing with just the right spacing formula and nozzle pattern and size to match the right size pump, for a perfect result! 

Mist Lines Benefits

Mist Lines All Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if no high-Pressure Pump is used regular mains pressure will not have sufficient force to open the orifice on our 0.2mm Nozzles and will dribble water and wet the surrounding area.
We would recommend that our Static Tube be installed on solid material to ensure that vibrations from the Pump are not amplified through the tubing. If installing to Thin or Hollow material it can be better to install Catenary Wire to isolate the Static Tube from any structures.

Mist Lines Assembly

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Managing Your Environment is Simple, Effective & Scaleable with OZmist!

Static Misting System provides super fine mist without wetting. Mist lines and delivery can be further controlled by height and nozzle spacing for the perfect result!

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Why OZmist?

Our dedicated team thrives on delivering the best outcome to every customer. OZmist are leaders in misting applications having provided solutions throughout industrial, commercial, events, and hospitality venues around Australia and abroad for over 20 years!

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