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Industrial Pump Modules

Industrial Pump Modules

The Ozmist range of Industrial Pump modules is manufactured by Ozmist at their Wangaratta factory using the highest quality components from around the world. Pump units are rated for continuous running duty and supplied in a stainless steel cabinet vermin-proof cabinet

The pump head is a triplex piston pump and features a brass head with stainless steel pistons and ceramic plungers. Electric motors can be either single or three-phase (from the Oz125 upwards) and are thermally protected. The outer casing is fabricated from 2mm 304 grade stainless steel which will protect your pump for years to come.

Ozmist Industrial Pump Modules are built to perform for many years. We know they are built with basic electronics – and we do this deliberately. Why? Because we want you to be able to repair them with parts sourced from an electrical wholesalers or from us. Nothing worse than having to deal with a foreign company to get the parts you need to get up and going only to find you have to wait a couple of months.

Our Industrial range of pumps all features low water pressure cut off switch’s, low-pressure inlet solenoid valves to control flow to the pump motor, high-pressure drain solenoid valves that open when the pump shuts down and double water filtration. The operation is via the illuminated selector switch on the end panel.

An Inlet Water Pressure Guage and Outlet Water Pressure Guage, as well as an Hour Meter, are cut into the cabinet to assist with commissioning and servicing.

Normally, triplex piston pumps must disperse 60% of their rated output water capacity to avoid overheating.

Pump Safety Features

Industrial Pump Modules
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