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Odour Suppression Systems

Custom odour control systems perfect for waste transfer stations, abattoirs, cement manufacturing stations, rendering plants, and more…

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20 Years Experience

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Neutralise Odours At The Source

Toxic, pungent, and off-putting odours are an issue that many industrial businesses & processors face. OZmist’s odour suppression systems help to effectively control and neutralise the issue at the source!

As awful odours pollute everywhere the breeze carries them, anyone downwind will know exactly how bad the stench is, and the source making it. 

OZmist’s dosing pump module regulates precise amounts of odour neutraliser into the mist ‘fog’, which acts upon odour particles in the air, suppressing them or leaving them inert. 

This method controls and reduces odours by up to 95%, resulting in cleaner air quality and environment for everyone directly and indirectly impacted. 

In-Built Timer For Maximum Odour Control

The OZmist dosing pump has a built-in timer that can be programmed to start and stop the dosing pump for pre-set intervals. In warmer months where odours are stronger, the timer can be set to run more regularly throughout the day. In winter months, the timer can be set to run at shorter intervals.

In-Built Timer For Maximum Odour Control
Safe On Humans & Animals Odour Suppression Solution

Safe On Humans & Animals

OZmist’s odour suppression solution is made up of a range of natural non-harmful properties, that are safe for animals and humans.

Regularly tested and optimised for better odour control, our solution conforms to the strictest EPA standards and has been rated to suppress 95% of toxic and pungent smells

OZmist's Odour Suppression Technology

Odour Suppression Solutions

Misting Lines - OZMist

Misting Lines + Dosing Pump Add On

Great for suppressing odours in large open spaces. Enquire

misting outdoor fan

Misting Fans + Dosing Pump Add On

Ideal for suppressing odours in smaller, more targeted spaces. Enquire

Need A Custom Solution?

Want something a little different with the same results? Talk to us about your unique requirements and we’ll come up with a customised odour suppression system for you.

How It Works?

OzMists proprietary odour suppression solution is dispersed into the air through high- pressure mist, creating and airborne treatment that attacks the malodorous molecules, neutralising the bad smell.

How OzMist odour suppression solution works

Industrial Businesses We've Helped

OZmists are the experts in odour suppression and over the past 20 plus years have helped sites neutralise odours at the source with our proprietary technology.

Why Sites Around Australia Are Choosing Oz Mist Solutions?

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Custom Built

Our solutions are tailored to your business, providing you with exceptional odour suppression technology

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Long Run Time

Our solutions are designed to run efficiently without chewing up your electricity bill.

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No Wet Floors

Our solutions are pressurised to throw the finest mist particles, evaporating before they reach the surface, without the risk of wetting your floors or damaging equipment.

100% Australian made icon

100% Australian Made

All of our misting solutions are designed, manufactured and tested within Australia. Local manufacturing gives us and you, access to the best technology on the market.

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Built To Last

Engineered from the most durable materials our misting solutions are built to survive the hottest operating environments.

A Team That Goes Above & Beyond

OZmist Pty Ltd was first registered in the year 2000pioneering mist cooling systems into hospitality venues, workshops & factories. The benefits were evident: significant temperature reduction, cooler venues, happier customers and workers, increased capacity, efficiencies, savings, more productivity, less sick days etc etc. 

As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and Dean and his team gained expertise by designing, developing and engineering more and more solutions to address a vast range of issues & problems that clients Australia wide turned to OZmist for. 

Today, OZmist Pty Ltd t/a Total Climate Solutions is the leading Australian supplier and manufacturer of high pressure misting solutions for industrial and cooling purposes. OZmist’s services, products & expertise spans industrial fog cannons, dust suppression, odour suppression, static misting lines, mist fans & cooling systems plus all hardware, technical, hire fleet and servicing / maintenance. 

From a client’s perspective, it’s reassuring to partner directly with a manufacturing supplier, with grass roots values, local presence, easy & direct tech support and the ability to supply projects without delay. 

OZmist Team

Our Process

We work closely with you to gain an understanding of the physical size and location of your premises. We then tailor a solution to your unique requirements.

Our odour suppression solutions are simple to setup, which allows us to offer installation in-person or over the phone. We will also recommend best setup practices to help you maximise the performance of your solution.

We don’t forget about you once you’ve purchased an Oz Mist solution. Rather, you now become a priority customer who we support throughout the entire ownership of your machine. Whether you need a simple question answered or require maintenance, you can contact us at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OZmist works with a company called Annotec Environmental for all of our Odour Suppression. They are a company with Odour Suppression as their main focus and provide a quality product for a range of specific solutions.
OZmist has developed an Odour Dosing Cabinet as an addon for any of our High-Pressure Misting Systems. This Dosing Cabinet has the ability to add Odour Masking or Neutralizing product into your existing system. OZmist also has an odour specific Module that is used solely for Odour applications.
No, you will not notice any difference in the quality of Mist, the only way you will know that there is any form of Odour Suppression is if you are using a solution that has an scent.
Not always, but that will depend on the size of the area, the odour you are neutralizing. Our most common applications are waste transfer stations that use very small amounts of product through an on and off cycle when required.

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Get into contact with one of our misting specialists, who will happily respond to any queries you have about cooling, dust suppression and suppression. We aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

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