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OZmist Capability Statement

Capability Statement

OZmist’s services, products & expertise spans industrial fog cannons, dust suppression, odour suppression, static misting lines, mist fans & cooling systems plus all hardware, technical, hire fleet and servicing / maintenance.

OZmist Profile

OZmist Pty Ltd t/a Total Climate Solutions is the leading Australian supplier and manufacturer of high pressure misting solutions for industrial and cooling purposes. OZmist’s services, products & expertise spans industrial fog cannons, dust suppression, odour suppression, static misting lines, mist fans & cooling systems plus all hardware, technical, hire fleet and servicing / maintenance. 

Company Background:

OZmist owner/director Dean McDonald first saw the extensive use of misting systems 30 years ago whilst travelling around the United States. Coming from a plumbing and air conditioning background, Dean quickly realised the suitability & benefits that similar systems would deliver back home in Australia, given our criteria of having to manage work, play and lifestyle in such a hot climate. 

OZmist Pty Ltd was first registered in the year 2000, pioneering mist cooling systems into hospitality venues, workshops & factories. The benefits were evident: significant temperature reduction, cooler venues, happier customers and workers, increased capacity, efficiencies, savings, more productivity, less sick days etc etc. 

As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and Dean and his team gained expertise by designing, developing and engineering more and more solutions to address a vast range of issues & problems that clients Australia wide turned to OZmist for. 

OZmist Service Model 

OZmist is based out of Wangaratta in regional Victoria. Their range, ongoing product development & support delivery places them atop any shortlist for procurement teams, health and safety officers, company stakeholders, businesses and organisations of all sizes. 

From a client’s perspective, it’s reassuring to partner directly with a manufacturing supplier, with grass roots values, local presence, easy & direct tech support and the ability to supply projects without delay. 

OZmist’s industrial dust & odour suppression range, aswell as mist fans and cooling systems, all share a common DNA. They use high pressure pumps that operate at 1000psi to deliver millions of ultra fine water mist droplets (5-10 micron) which encapsulates airborne particles, or flash evaporates providing cooling benefits. Their solutions have attracted attention for their usability, design and value for money, aswell as ongoing serviceability which is an essential requirement for projects, operations etc. A firmly established brand in the Australian sector and notably winning overseas clients and exports of their inhouse range of fog cannons.

Client Examples:

OZmist clients include Kennards Hire, EnviroPacific, Fulton Hogan, Rio Tinto, Recycleit, JJ Richards Waste, Think Water, Australian Open Tennis, Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Metro Tunnel / Sparknel DC, Suncorp Stadium. 

Industries and Solutions 

With extensive experience in solutions in the Commercial Sector, plus Waste & Recycling industries, Manufacturing, Construction, Quarries and Mining, Equipment Hire Companies, Farming & Agriculture, Water Treatment, Material Handling etc, OZmist has a genuine desire for the best possible outcome for their customers, listens to the challenges they have, and finds ways to resolve them.  

OZmist solves problems like…  how to control temperatures to outdoor venues, or overcome heat stress for livestock. The dangers around airborne dust fallout on construction sites & responsibility to provide safer worksites. Meeting necessary Government compliance regulations. The risks of fines from the EPA and project shutdown etc. Issues veterinarians had needing an antiseptic delivery method for swine (piggeries) that are quite prone to disease. Duty of care when running a major sport events, concert or festival over summer. The challenges marketing companies have around designing brand activations, Issue’s around supplying power and water to a portable fog cannon on site… 

Misting may be the end ‘product’ but there is a world of experience in knowing how to adapt it’s delivery to suit each specific application, and being capable of delivering outcomes ongoing for clients is what OZmist are passionate about.

OZmist’s Product Range and Core Competencies Include 

Industrial Applications:

Mist Cooling:

Spare Parts, Service, Hire Fleet:

  • As an Australian supplier, spare parts and easily available with fast turnaround (no overseas backorders) plus resources such as technical support and local team. 

Fog cannons: About 7 years ago OZmist saw a huge gap in the fog cannon marketplace and set about designing a range of easy-to-use, robust and versatile fog cannons.
OZmists fog cannons are proudly locally made and built to stand up to the harshest of treatment and worksites Australia-wide. Consistent across the entire range is they are deliberately simple, mobile & easy to maintain and service.  

As OZmist controls everything in-house, modifications such as wiring can be requested. 

The most popular 45AU range offers options such as chassis (trailer or skid), water tank capacity, with or without generators etc. 

New to the range for 2024 has been a diesel powered unit in a unique cradle design chassis. 

Mist fans*: Including Outdoor mist fans, industrial fans, portable misting fans, domestic mist fans. Event mist fans. High pressure (1000psi) pumps + tiny nozzles creating millions of tiny water droplets approx 10 microns in size, flash evaporating and cooling by up to 10° degrees. 

Mist lines* Mist Lines consist of having individual Misting Nozzles fitted along stainless tubing or semi-rigid nylon. Mist lines can have junctions, tee’s, branches or any design to follow building layout that’s required, for instance around roof trusses of a factory or warehouse, a beer garden space, or outdoor venue.

All OZmist systems are easily installed, extremely cost-effective to run and require minimal maintenance. 

*OZmist supply these in kit form with all components, pumps, hardware included for partners/resellers in their dealer network. 

Address: Ozmist Pty Ltd 31 Baker Street, Wangaratta, Victoria 3677 Australia. 

Ph: 1300 306 478 

Email: [email protected]


Registered Company Name: OZmist Pty Ltd 

Year Incorporated: 2000

Place of Incorporation: Wangaratta 

Corporation Type: Company

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