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Livestock Cooling and Hygiene Applications

Reduce heat stress and improve the health, growth rate and wellbeing of your animals with an OZmist livestock cooling system, designed to drop shed temperatures by up to 10C°.

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20 Years Experience

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End To End Solutions

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Healthier, Happier Livestock Increases Productivity & Profits

Summertime heat is a real challenge for livestock farms Australia-wide. Not only does heat stress cause unnecessary suffering for animals, it can promote disease, disrupt productivity, lowers profits, and the mortality spikes during heat waves. 

Over the years, OZmist has helped hundreds of farms alleviate the effects that heat contributes to running a farm.  Shed temperatures can drop by up to 10°C, animals are happier, healthier, and more productive when effectively managing conditions, and misting also keeps flies away!

Benefits are proven: our systems cool livestock, food intake increases, breeding period extends, and so does growth rate. OZmist livestock cooling systems are also water-efficient and easy to maintain. Speak to us today to find out more about our livestock misting systems!

Equipped With Thermostat and Timer For Complete Climate Control

Set and maintain the perfect temperature with an easy to use thermostat and programmable timer that allows you to control your mist run cycles.

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No Wet Floors with OZMist Livestock Cooling

No Wet Floors Or Equipment

Our OZMist livestock cooling and misting systems are designed to pressure water droplets into a fine mist so they evaporate before they hit the ground. You won’t have to worry about wet or muddy floors or you’re equipment getting damaged by water or moisture.

How Your Livestock Benefits With OZmist?

Top-Quality Animal Welfare Cooling Solutions

“The hotter it is, the better it works!”

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Livestock Misting Lines

Great for cooling large sheds, stables, piggeries, and animal breeding centres. Learn More

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Livestock Misting Fans

Perfect for cooling targeted areas such as horse stables, dairy stables, and pig pens. Learn More

Need A Custom Cooling Solution?

We offer a complete consultation and design process, that allows us to fit a tailored solution to your livestock premises.

High-Pressure Livestock Cooling Systems for Optimal Performance

How It Works?

OZmist livestock cooling and misting systems use a high-pressure pump module to pressurise normal tap water to 1000 psi or 70 bar. The high pressure water is forced through the ultra-fine nozzles to create millions of tiny droplets which  “flash evaporate” the heat. 

In addition to cooling, our systems can also be used for the controlled delivery of antiseptics or any other medical or hygiene treatments needed in the production cycle. OZmist’s automated dosing modules can be set at timed intervals, delivering a thorough and even coverage, plus use a lot less water than traditional methods do. 

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Animal Welfare Centres We've Cooled

For over 20 years, OZmist has delivered robust, high-quality misting systems and cooling solutions to the agricultural industry across Australia. We have developed tailored livestock cooling systems designed to enhance farm operations, improving animal comfort, wellbeing & productivity, ultimately boosting the bottom line.

Our systems address critical challenges such as worker comfort, animal heat stress, disease prevention, insect control, odour management, dosing applications, and water conservation. Contact OZmist now to learn more about the best solutions for your specific needs.

Why Businesses Around Australia Choose OZmist

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Custom Built Cooling

Our livestock cooling & misting products are customised to meet your needs, offering reliable and innovative technology with numerous benefits. Integrate automation features like cycle timers and dosing modules easily, while also keeping flies at bay!

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Long Run Time

Our misting systems are designed to run efficiently without chewing up the electricity bill. Even large sheds and facilities can be managed and controlled this way. The benefits and savings speak for themselves! Discover how our solutions can transform your operations.

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No Wet Floors

Our high pressure pumps run at 1000psi and create the finest mist particles, with flash evaporative cooling up to less 10 degrees. With no drips or the creation of hazardous wet areas, it also won't damage your valuable equipment or machinery.

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100% Australian Made

All our livestock cooling systems and misting solutions are designed, manufactured and tested in Australia. Local production ensures that you have access to the finest technology available on the market, complemented by ongoing local support.

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Built To Last

Benefit from OZmist's trusted brand, expertise and over two decades of experience! We are dedicated to delivering quality, value & reliability, even in the toughest conditions, ensuring our customers always receive the best solutions!

A Team That Goes Above & Beyond

Our team brings over 20 years of combined experience in providing dust suppression solutions and livestock misting systems to poultry, dairy farms, piggeries, horse stables, and other animal welfare centres across Australia.

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Our Process

We work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of the physical size and location of your premises. We then tailor a solution to your requirements.

Our cooling solutions are easy to setup, which allows us to offer installation in-person or over the phone. We will also recommend best setup practices to help you maximise the performance of your solution.

We don’t forget about you once you’ve purchased an Oz Mist solution. Rather, you now become a priority customer who we support throughout the entire ownership of your machine. Whether you need a simple question answered or require maintenance, you can contact us at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, just like people your animals will benefit from the cooling that our livestock misting systems provide when installed with one of our high-pressure pumps. There will be no wetting of surfaces or livestock.

This answer depends on the size of your shed. In most cases we will run mist lines down the long length of your shed, with the lines being installed at least 3 metres off each wall and spaced at least 6 metres apart. Most livestock sheds will have nozzles spaced at 750mm / 1000mm / 1200mm.

Yes, OZmist has access several options of pre-filtering before the water hits our High-Pressure Pump Module. The most common of these solutions is a Sand / Gravel Filter. These filters provide multi-stage conditioning. Contact OZmist for more information on what we would recommend for your specific livestock misting system.

OZmist has a range of accessories for controlling your livestock cooling & misting systems. Everything from cycle timers, schedule timers, humidistats, thermostats and more! Shop our range now or get in touch!

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Get into contact with one of our misting specialists, who will happy respond to any queries you have about cooling, misting or humidification! We aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

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