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Industrial Humidification Systems

Regulate air temperate and control moisture with an Oz Mist misting system, and create an environment where productivity and profitability thrive.

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The Secret Is In The Mist!

Certain industries such as fresh produce storage, greenhouse facilities, wine storage facilities, museums, cold rooms, and many others – heavily depend on humidification systems to preserve and produce quality products.

Without proper humidification control, moisture levels rise, causing produce to go bad, precious materials to be damaged, and equipment to malfunction, which all can effect health, productivity, and profitability.

Oz mists high pressure mist systems enables industrial businesses to regulate humidity, creating the perfect environment that is optimal for preserving inventory, producing quality products, maintaining machinery and reducing product

Humidification Control Creates A Safer, More Productive, And Profitable Environment For Industrial Businesses

Discover how different industries are using Oz mist misting systems to improve productivity & profitability.

Tons Of Benefits

Oz Mist Humidification Systems

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Misting Lines

High pressure misting lines are great for even mist distribution, covering large areas of your facility. Learn More

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Misting Fans

With 360 degreee oscillation, our high pressure misting fans are great for spot cooling specific areas within your facility. Learn More

A Powerful High Pressure System To Knock Out Moisture

How It Works?

OZ mist misting lines with specifically designed nozzles are fitted below ceiling height to the perimeter of the room. Connected to a high pressure pump, the misting lines are pressurised with water to 1000PSI. The high pressured water is forced through the nozzle and atomises into millions of ultra fine droplets that flash evaporate when coming into contact with the atmosphere, reducing humidity and controlling moisture.

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Why Businesses Around Australia Are Using Oz Mist

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Custom Built

Our misting lines are tailored to the size and layout of your premises providing you with exceptional humidification control.

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Minimal Energy Consumption

Smart pump technology allows your misting solution to be powered without chewing into your energy bill.

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No Wet Floors

Our mist solutions are pressurised to throw the finest mist particles, that flash evaporate before they hit the ground.

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100% Australian Made

All of our misting solutions are designed, manufactured and tested within Australia. Local manufacturing gives us and you, access to the best technology on the market.

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Built To Last

Engineered from the most durable materials our misting solutions are built to survive the hottest operating environments.

A Team That Goes Above & Beyond

Combined, our team has over 20 years of experience in providing humidification solutions to businesses around Australia.

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Our Process

We work closely with to gain a thorough understanding of the physical size and location of your premises. We then tailor a solution for your business.

Our solutions are simple to setup, which allows us to offer installation in-person or over the phone. We also recommend best setup practices to help you maximise the performance of your solution.

We don’t forget about you once you’ve purchased an Oz Mist solution. Rather, you now become a priority customer who we support throughout the entire ownership of your machine. Whether you need a simple question answered or require maintenance, you can contact us at any time.

Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

The two and one and the same, only a Humidification System is designed to produce a constant and specific amount of humidity in a specific space. These applications are seen in Wine Barrel Storage, Produce Storage and more.
These Constant Humidity Systems are usually controlled by some style of automation such as Humidistats in conjunction with the High-Pressure Pump installed for the Misting System. The System will have a specific Humidity parameters that it will operate between.

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