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PatioMist Misting Fans

PatioMist Misting Fans

OZmist PatioMist is the best budget domestic portable mist cooling fan model for homes and outdoor spaces.

These fans are the latest innovation in misting system technology and do not need a high-pressure pump module to create the very fine mist required for fast and efficient cooling. Instead, they use water pumped from the attached storage tank on to a stainless steel disc that spins at very high speeds. 

The result is millions of very fine droplets that are blown away from the fan to create a cool refreshing breeze.  Droplets that are too big for evaporation simply run back into the tank where water is stored and reused.

Misting Fan

OZmist PatioMist is a portable model with tank and wheels only (wall mount is no longer available).

** Cheaper models on offer at large retailers have a much smaller 500mm fan that will struggle on hot days.

PatioMist Features

  • No wetting of floors or surfaces!
  • Instantly reduce summer temperature by up to 12 degrees!
  • Reduces flies and other flying insects!
  • Both fans are 3 speeds and oscillate from side to side.
  • The 650mm PatioMist unit  will throw cool refreshing air over 9 meters!
  • Water droplets too large to be effectively evaporated are taken back to the tank for re-use.
  • They deter flies and insects either with or without the misting system operating. 
  • Adjustable mist control to suit everyone. 
Patiomist Portable

Patiomist Portable

A 70-litre plastic water tank is fixed to the sturdy steel frame and contains enough for around 14 hours of operation.

The lid of the tank lifts to allow for filling from a garden hose. The water flow to the centrifugal spinning disc is also adjustable—on hot days a higher flow may be required while on cooler days a lower flow may be desirable.

The Pedestal (Portable) fan unit has castors fitted to a sturdy steel frame making it stable and easy to move.

Simply connect to a power supply and wheel around the yard or workshop. Assembly is required but is a relatively simple process. Assembly instructions are included for all systems.

$760 reduced to $679

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