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Control Dust and Odour All at Once, with an OZmist Dust Suppression System in Perth

OZmist Dust Suppression System
Dust and odours are two of the biggest obstacles to achieving good interior air quality. Dust can cause respiratory issues or exacerbate allergies, while bad odours make a place unpleasant for workers. At OZmist, we want to create a piece of machinery that could neutralise both dust and odour at the same time. The result, our dust cannon, is one of the most effective dust suppression systems available in Perth.

About Our Dust Cannon in Perth

We designed our dust cannon first and foremost as a dust control system. We wanted something that could take dust particles right out of the air—no matter how small they were. So many facilities face problems with dust particulates. Occasionally, the problem becomes so severe that it escapes the building and affects the environment, from the visibility to the breathability of the air.

When you use our dust control system in Perth, you essentially use a nozzle-based fog cannon to shoot pressurised water into the air. The water droplets are so fine that they don’t even create a fog that you can feel. What they can do, though, is attach to dust particles in the air and weigh them down. In essence, what our dust cannon does is knock dust particles out of the air.

In most cases, our dust cannon uses water exclusively to achieve its aim. However, in situations where odour neutralisation is also desired, we can use our proprietary OZmist dosing system to add that into the high-pressure mist.

For instance, say you are looking for a dust suppression system for a Perth waste transfer system. You want to get particulates out of the air, especially since some of it might contain bacteria that you don’t want your employees breathing. However, you’d also like to achieve some level of odour control at the same time. What can you do?

With the OZmist dust cannon, your Perth waste transfer station can achieve the best of both worlds. With odour neutralisation substances dosed into the pressurised mist, you will rapidly notice an increase in the freshness and smell of your air.

Best of all, you can each of these benefits without having to deal with adverse issues. Our odour neutralisation is safe and free of toxic or irritating chemicals. Also, our dust cannon produces an extremely fine mist that is designed to evaporate without wetting any floor or work surfaces. You won’t have to worry about slippery floors or other safety hazards after using our dust control system in your Perth facility.

Our Dust Cannon in Perth: Good for a Slew of Applications
The OZmist dust cannon is good for a slew of different applications that go far beyond the walls of a waste transfer station. Do you need a way to keep a factory area dust free, both to protect your workers and protect your equipment? Our dust control system does the job. Do you need a mining fog cannon in Perth? OZmist can provide the appropriate solution. Across many facilities, worksites and industries, businesses have enjoyed the considerable benefits of this product. To start enjoying those benefits in your work environment, call OZmist today.

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